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I developed this site after my own experiences with post-concussion syndrome. What started out as what I would describe as the worst pain I’ve ever felt has turned into an ordeal that has certainly changed my life forever. With this site, I hope I can provide resources and insights into post-concussion syndrome and all that it entails. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments on any of the posts here, and hopefully your road to recovery is as short as possible.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, it can be scary and lonely. For me, the first two weeks of recovery started slow and I was concerned that I’d be stuck like this for the rest of my life. After just a few weeks though, those terrible symptoms went away. For now, I’m still dealing with headaches and dizziness, but they are not nearly as severe as they were at the start. I know that as the days go by, I’ll continue to get better, and you will too.

Best of luck on your road to recovery.